Ohio State, September 23

Obviously won’t be easy but if we win this game and run the table, could we see the ultimate showdown between ND and Michigan in the playoffs? That’s one I’d pay a high price to see live. Michigan will be favored against Ohio State, imo. I don’t think it’s impossible to see this happen. It’ll likely come down to the USC game for which team gets in, but I think Michigan will be in. ND if finishing undefeated would probably be ranked #3 or #4, simply based on where they start pre season polls. Michigan if undefeated likely #1 or #2 depending on what happens in the SEC. So it would be ND, Michigan, Bama/Georgia and one wild card likely the SEC runner up or USC if 1 loss and nail biter vs ND. Big12 should be banned no matter what.

Purple Face gets an illegal million.

LSU professor slams university for double payment mistake to Kelly. Claims Education castrated while football gets the money.

I wonder if Kelly cashed the check before the mistake was discovered?