Bama players flocking to the portal

The coaches are saying players are being poached by other schools with NIL deals. This is getting out of hand with no end in sight at what point in time does the NCAA step in and do something about it.
There ysed to be atime where schools wete not allowed to talk to players without permission from the school.
ND does have an advantage by preaching the 4 for 40 education side , but it is going ti come down to who has the deepest pockets

USC Game Thread

Just starting one early. Biggest game of the season.

Here’s a question, if you were given 3 options before the season, which would you choose?

A. 9-3 ND loses to Ohio State, Clemson, and USC.
B. 9-3 ND loses to Ohio State, Marshall, and Stanford, but beats a top 5 Clemson and beats a top 5 USC.
C. 10-2 ND loses to Ohio State and USC (likely BK season).

I would go with B. A win in this game rights the season and sends Freeman into the stars with two top 5 wins and the biggest coming as the last game.

Less is more (transfer portal QB)

There is way too much gimme that I want a QB now craze on this board and it's exactly that. C R A Z Y...

Everyone knows we're QB challenged and have been since Clausen...


You will keep a position devoid of top talent firmly planted of not having top talent by grabbing QB's out the portal.

I'd much rather see us coach up what we have...
Angeli....Buchner...and work the recruiting trail the old fashioned way.

We desperately need to get back in the groove of a good QB cycle rotation.

Grabbing other school's table scraps is NOT the answer and ultimately does more damage long term. Kind of win today and lose tomorrow will be the pattern if we go the portal route.

Get a top QB recruit, develop the QB, win.
QB leaves, next player that has been developing in your system has their turn.

Rinse and repeat.

The Joe Burrows lightning in a bottle is a freak occurrence that sadly too many have hopes for. Unrealistic hopes.

The easy way out never works and if you want a program do it the old fashioned way.