Hannah Hidalgo - The Next!!!!!!

Have any of you seen this young lady (Hannah Hidalgo) play? She is exceptional! Our womens' basketball team is good this year, but next year they have the potential of being even better. Coach Ivey has done an exceptional job and signed three 5-star players for next year. One of those players is already with the team and playing. Her name is Cassandre Prosper (17 years old), from Canada. Great job, coach Ivey. Go Irish!!!​

Sammy Heisman

We should be top 5 preseason. If Hartman had been on our team this past season, we’d probably be in the playoffs. This makes us instantly a playoff level team. Talking heads are agreeing.

Ticket prices for next season have already soared since Hartman committed.

This should help improve the ‘24 class bc Hartman is instant credibility. Wins will equal more recruits.

If you’re a 6’5 wide receiver on the fence about the portal or NFL and you have Hartman at ND, why not ND?

The portal should improve WR, OL, RB, etc.

Hartman was a huge mentor to younger QBs at Wake. This will help Buchner, Minchey, and Carr.

The talking heads are already putting ND in top 5 or 6. Heisman potential without a doubt if ND is a top 5-6 team.

NDs players improve Hartman as much as Hartman improves ND. That’s a scary thought.

Freeman can walk into that first team meeting and say to his team, you came here knowing we have the goal of championship. Now we can win a NC.

This decision has so many unseen positive consequences we are only beginning to see it. Now the staff needs to convince Buchner to play his cards right like Tennessee’s QB room. Get a little better, learn from Sam, and you’re a 2 year starter.