His performance....

Our offensive ppg ranks his 3 years as OC

2020 - 30th
2021 - 20th
2022 - 42nd

Our offensive ppg 3 years prior to him becoming OC

2017 - 24th
2018 - 42nd
2019 - 13th

Was he even better than Chip. Numbers say no.

Those are the actual facts. Which ones are you using?
How come no one responded to the one post that included actual data and metrics? Let’s do a deeper dive and see how Tommy’s O performed against Top 25 defenses, Id bet his numbers were inflated by whooping up on the cupcakes but then again he mustered 7 points through 3 quarters against Marshal and 12 yards in the 2nd half against Navy.

I thought this board hated TR?

I can dislike Rees and also be confused on why he wanted to leave ND for same position despite it being for saban unless he’s done with nd or nd is done with him
The Alabama OC gig is a promotion to career enhancement. And it also pays extremely well, like a promotion.

IMO Tommy Rees will be an NFL OC within 5 years. This was a no brainer for Tommy Rees, and I wish him well.