Notre Dame is not completely out of the playoff hunt. It will be a longshot though


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Nov 18, 2018
I think rivals needs a kid's table for you.
The thread is about us still having a chance with two losses.

I said OSU who lit up every team but one evening against a Purdue team...not a MARSHALL...and finished with only one loss didn't get an invite.

We are NOT getting an invite.
We were 0 and 2 on a three game losing streak and this board was on meltdown mode. I TOOK ONE FOR THE TEAM !
Just keep winning ! And keep the talent coming in !

I said it would be a long shot. And it will be.
But what needs to happen is Clemson has to be undefeated and #1 or #2 when we play them and for us to beat them by two scores. And then Clemson has to win out and finish the reg season at 12 and 1 and ACC champs.
Then USC has to be undefeated and ranked #1 or #2 when we play them and again we would have to beat them by two scores at least and USC would have to finish 12 and 1 and PAC12 champs.

Ohio State would have to blow out Michigan.
North Carolina and Syracuse would need to finish in the top 12.
The SEC needs to canabolize themselves.

The committee would have some thinking to do on the last playoff meeting.
A team with the most quality wins ! A team that defeated the PAC12 and ACC champs and two other top 12 teams.
And a team that kept improving from week to week.
A team with a QB who went 10 and 0 !

That team would be Notre Dame ! A team the committee LOVES ! You never know !
Go Irish ! Beat Stanford !


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Nov 8, 2020
We could still play out of our minds and upset USC or Clemson. But after today I'm not sure we can beat anyone. If we lose to USC, Clemson and Syracuse (who is 6-0) we will be 5-6.


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Sep 9, 2013
You never know !
Go Irish ! Beat Stanford !
I do know...

It was never going to happen losing to Marshall.

Not ever even up for consideration.
As I said...
2018 OSU was left outside looking in for losing to an average at best Purdue team.

We lost to Marshall and while I don't look down on the Marshall's of the world because parity is at an all time high...

Two losses and one in which we were dominated against Marshall we were never getting in the playoff.

It's a complete moot point though now isn't it.


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Sep 22, 2018
If the Irish win ten straight with big wins against a hopefully highly ranked Clemson,BYU, and USC and the SEC and Big ten beating each other up. You will see a glimpse of their potential greatness this weekend against Cal. Drew Pyne has a little Rocky Balboa in him. I saw that last year after he would lead the offense into the end zone and run off the field with swagger. I think Drew will rise to the occasion and lead us to a ten game win streak. I am a realist,though. I just don't see Drew leading us to a victory against , probably , the #1 seed BAMA or the DAWGs. I just don't see it. Sorry. But hey like Bill Murray in "What about Bob". Baby steps. We will soon enough be on the Mountain top. Go Irish! Beat Cal !
thank you Nostradamus