Rees is not all that & that is not my opinion but that of many

Seems Rees’ spurning of his alma Mater, is not accepted by a lot of people. Those people are not just ND fans but college football fans.
Rees is certainly entitled. To choose his career path for instance.
But it comes - like all decisions - with ramifications.
And he has decided his career path is more enhanced by going to Bama in the identical role he now has.
I think the pushback from many is interesting and just as valid as Rees decision to leave. Let’s just say once again there are ramifications

Here is what our Heisman winner has to say

Tim Brown


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At least two things. 1) Tommy was very dependent on Kelly and more important, he didnt have the ability to dissect a defense. What we saw is what I call HERO ball! You have a player(mayer) who is better than the person covering and you throw him the ball a zillion times. Make

Tim Brown


Him the hero. If that doesn't work you lose. I was at a couple of games where it took everything in me not to go knock on the booth window and say give me the call sheet!!! Lol! I truly wish him well, he's gonna need it! Let's Go Irish!

It is nice to see true loyalty.

Maybe something else at work here...(REES)

Ya know...

Let's just spitball a moment.

Perhaps the relationship between Rees and Freeman wasn't exactly sparkling.

Perhaps Rees is bitter he was only asked to retain his position when BK left. In other maybe he's pissed he didn't get offered the HC job. I don't think he was even interviewed for the job.

Perhaps he and Freeman don't get along.
Remember the job was Freeman's as long as Rees was retained.

I don't think this move is an advancement of sorts but rather one he's considered out of emotion.

There's something else going on in Denmark.