Possible new OC

I know I will get absolutely pummeled for posting this, but in my very humble opinion, I believe
Charley Weiss jr. would be a great fit. Before you start posting negative and profane comments
to me and about Charley remember, we are both grads of a our Lady. He is not his dad in any way shape or form.
(Play on words) He has been an assistant under some well known coaches, including Saban, who has said the kid has an exceptional offensive mind. Just putting it out. Please be kind.


Yep, every one of you who questioned and criticized Rees’s ability to be a good offensive coordinator are morons, total morons who don’t have a clue.

One of the greatest coaches in college football history specifically chose Rees to be his Offensive Coordinator !

So who knows more about college football and coaching, Nick Saban or YOU ?

It’s time for all of you morons to step up to the plate, if you have any character and integrity and admit that you were dead wrong.

And don’t try to deflect and divert away from the fact that you were wrong and clueless by saying, “well, we’ll see how he does at Alabama”

Nick Saban, the greatest football coach in college football today has evaluated Tommy Rees and thinks so highly of him that he selected him to be his OC.

With Nick Saban’s selection there can be no stronger endorsement of Tommy Rees’s ability to be a good OC.

So, to all of you morons who doubted Rees’s ability to be a good OC, it’s time to wipe the egg off your face and eat some humble pie and admit that you were dead wrong about Tommy Rees !