I thought this board hated TR?

Judging by the reactions during the season I thought this board was ready to start a “GofundMe” to buy out Rees contract.

Now that Saban wants him, Rees is the next great CFB coach. I’d figure once it was announced he was leaving there would have been a Roman-Style Triumph.

Any chance Brian Mason could make the jump to OC? If he could have the same kind of effect on the offensive he had on the special teams this year, talk about the “unstable force”.

Did this statement come out of Nick Saban’s mouth?

Fly on wall says: “Tommy, I’ve followed your career, I know your Dad, I think you are what I need here. I think you have great potential. And I am looking and continue looking for the guy who will sit in my chair. I’m not gonna be around much longer. There may be an opportunity here for the right guy”

Did this happen?

I say yes. No promises but the subject was brought up

What did the fly tell you?