Possible new OC

I thought I read Chip was not liked by any of his players. A real hard ass who didn't know how to teach 18-21 year olds...
Depending on who you listen to and believe, the story was that Kelly didn't like the control and attention that long was getting on his staff. Kelly liked the attention of his program on him. Remember, the ad made him hire Long, he wasn't a Kelly guy. That Kelly essentially forced him out with micro management while propping up tommy, his guy, as the successor....and then doing a character assassination on him after he left to justify separating from an oc that was more prolific than any of Kelly's ocs. The treatment of long is one of many reasons hh left and refused to continue to work at Notre Dame, until Kelly left.

Rees….. stats don’t lie

We shall see. When Bama has multiple quarters with low scoring, let's see how Bama fans react. Tommy plays very conservative except on a few occassions. It wasn't Oklahoma St. great D that shut us down a few yewars ago with a huge ND lead. It was Tommy going to same old, obvious plays that Ok.st watched on film and were prepared for. I wish him well but he has more weapons at Bama. Let's see if he consistently uses them or plans around one or two targets.
Since when is TR responsible for the inability of the players to EXECUTE ?

You guys know nothing about football !

Purple Face gets an illegal million.

Pat, you need to calm down and stop with the name calling. You've been warned.

i‘m as calm as can be.

What would you call a poster who questions Saban’s coaching decisions and claims that Saban made a huge mistake in hiring Rees ? Intelligent ? Prescient ? Or moronic ?
It’s a legitimate question.

Are blatantly outrageous and idiotic posts and posters now shielded from being challenged and called out ?

Is there no standard of accountability ?

Are posters permitted to say that Kelly should go to jail, without being challenged and chastised ……. by me, by other posters …… and by you ?

What would you call posters whose comments about LSU and Kelly bordered on being libelous ?

is defamation of character given free reign …… but calling someone who makes outrageous and ludicrous statements a “moron”, prohibited ?

I appreciate that you want to maintain reasonable levels of civility on this site, but surely you‘d also would like to maintain reasonable levels of intellectual discourse.

Lastly, have you been even handed in your oversight and supervisory capacity and have you publicly chastised those who called me names ?