No worries. Just a bad dream honest


I've posted how many times?
Aug 24, 2003
Nothing can be this bad. I know it’s just a dream. Michigan is winning yet has the worst recruiting of any major team. I can’t afford to eat unless it’s rice n beans. I am on a raft adrift yelling “what is wrong with you Rees? Throw the ball downfield!! “. And Savvy is laughing at me saying “you are hilarious keep it coming but no one can hear you”

savvy, of all people. Then Bodi announces our playoff hopes are still as alive and Pyne will make a Heisman run. I need TelX to save my ass or I’m gonna slip off the raft and drown in a video whirlpool of kids jumping and screaming with delight that freeman is their coach One says “now we can really get away with anything”.


ND Expert
Dec 15, 2021
ND man philosophy will hamper what he needs to do. Eject Rees. Eject malcontent players. Have the ND Admin 😂let him get 15 guys in the portal.