Gotta go to transfer portal for QB


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Jun 25, 2013
ND needs to find a experienced / good QB in the transfer portal for 2023 to tide them over until they can recruit a true difference maker / top flight QB

now recruiting a stud QB at ND has been extremely difficult for a lot of years

so I’m not holding my breath that the current regime can figure it out -

what is mind boggling is that so many other random colleges have such better QB’s than ND

was watching Louisana Rajun Cajuns - played their back up - 4 year junior eligibility- first career start - a kid named Ben Woolridge- played a great game vs Marshall - he was a 3 star recruit- had one offer from Fresno st - transfered after his Soph year to Rajun Cajuns

Anyways there are so many schools that continually have way better QB’s than ND

and we also have no wideouts right now either

It is mind boggling that ND cannot recruit a difference maker at QB


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Oct 14, 2008
It's something to consider for next year. But for this season, I'd like to see Angeli get some playing time and see what he can do.

Pyne can be a good game manager, but he needs a running game to help him out - and better playcalling than we had last night.
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