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Finbaum on ESPN just destroyed ND top 5

First of all I realize this guy has turned into a shock jock. He is a Stephan A that says crazy sound bites to get views.

However, a lot of people feel the same way. They believe ND is one of the most overrated teams in the top 10.

ND will have one of the best Oline/Dline in college football this season. That alone will make them a top 5-7 team.

Do you believe ND is an overrated top 5 team????

Personally, I agree with the ranking.

But after they go to the Horseshoe (not the Big house like the talking head just said) they will be top 2-3.

Player's Walk

Eric or Tyler- I have a question. I thought I read that Marcus Freeman was looking to change the players walk into the stadium this year. Has that change been made where the players are walking into the stadium from the Basilica or are they walking by the library?

Appreciate what you've both done for the website. Thank you.